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Ron Kaplan’s baseball Bookshelf


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Latest in Brijit: The hungry at holiday time

Blessed Is the Full Plate –

Where there’s no will to feed America’s hungry, there’s no way. Food pantries and soup kitchens are receiving less donations than ever as the Bush Administration, which prefers not to acknowledge such a depressing domestic problem, continues to spend freely in other areas, including war abroad. With solid evidence from sources such as the proposed farm bill, Quindlen makes a powerful call for politicians to stop their “pious sanctimony about gay marriage and abortion” and start addressing one of the most basic human needs.

By Anna Quindlen in Newsweek, 26 November 2007

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Latest review: Boom, by Tom Brokaw

“In THE GREATEST GENERATION, veteran newsman Tom Brokaw examined the accomplishments and sacrifices of an America contending with the shadow of World War darkening daily life. He seeks to recreate that feeling in BOOM!

“The Baby Boomers have seen innumerable changes in the years following World War II — an improvement in rights for women and minorities; technological advancement; revolutions in popular culture and the arts, among others. Brokaw reports on and interviews scores of “boomers” to discuss how coming of age (primarily) in the 1960s changed their lives.

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