New book reviews on the art of War

Ken Burns revolutionized the television documentary. First it was “The Civil War,” then “Baseball” and “Jazz.” Each of these topics had been adequately covered in the past, but never to the extent of what has come to be known as the “Burnsian style.” For each project, he and his dedicated staff painstakingly assembled hundreds of still photos, which they made come alive through careful camera movement. He gathered letters and other documents and engaged dozens of familiar performers to act as “agents,” reading from these materials to dramatically present the smaller stories that pieced together the larger fabric of his chosen topic.

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The literary world lost one of its “best and brightest” when David Halberstam was killed in a car accident in April 2007. His final gift — to established fans and potentially new ones — is THE COLDEST WINTER, perhaps the most dramatic and damning accounts of the Korean War ever put to paper.

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