Funny how time slips away

Received an email at work about the “SuperMega Show” at the Crown Plaza Hotel in beautiful Secaucus, NJ this weekend.

 Among this scheduled to appear:

The email draws to attention that Henry Winkler and Cindy Williams are making a Happy Days reunion.

Other celebrities will be on hand. Some of these people I’ve never heard of, but their shows — some new, some long gone — sound like the stuff geeks are made of.

Is anyone else out there just a little saddened at the prospect of these once-popular personalities jumping around from nostalgia show to nostalgia show, trying to make a few bucks, since all the work dried up, or bask in past glories.

I attended the Book Expo America in New York in 2004. Authors and publishers were scattered throughout the exhibition hall. As one might expect, larger entites had the better locations.

Off in a small booth in a non-prime space was the actor Jack Klugman, who had just finished a memoir, primarily a tribute to his friend Tony Randall. While other booths were overflowing with visitors, his had just a few. The guy in front of me wanted Klugman, who still suffered the after-effects of surgery for throat cancer, to talk to his friend on a cell phone. If memory serves, the actor had one assistant/PR person, who shooed the guy away. Happily, Klugman still performs, having made a stirring comeback, which he attributed to Randal’s prodding.

Still the image of him, sitting virtually alone and unrecognized after the kind of career he had…very sad. 


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