NBI Days 26-28

Monday, Feb. 26: Working out at lunchtime also presents the opportunity not to spend. Although I did stop at the Pathmark for a yogurt. While there, I saw some knock-ff cereal on sale for a buck a bag. What the heck. So I ended up spending about $5 all told.

Tuesday, Feb. 27: Even though it was a late night, and I sometimes buy some fast food for dinner, I am redoubling my Weight Watchers efforts, so I bypassed the burger joints, saving some more bread. I did go to Barnes and Noble to see about getting a book (with a gift card), but thought better of it. Ended up purchasing a green tea drink concoction for $3.23.

Wednesday, Feb 28: Since the cereal was pretty good, I stocked up. The bill totaled $8.01. I also had a car payment ($250), a medical bill ($24) and a subscription to Sports Illustrated, which I consider a business expense ($29.95).

Sometimes I feel guilty about my guilty pleasure in magazines. They’re extremely fungible, read and tossed out (for the most part) after a brief period (hopefully in the recycling) and one can find most of them at a good local library. But then there’s the driving to the library (fuel consumption) and the comfot factor of reading at one’s leisure

All in, this month with limited purchases was not that difficult. Although I was not a fanatic about it, owing to having a teenager in the house. More on the ‘quality of life’ factor later.


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