NBI: Days 20-22

Tuesday, Feb. 20:

Since we got out of work so late, and I was feeling under the weather and didn’t feel like making anything when I got home, I broke down and bought a Wendy’s special burger (I won’t go into the lurid anti-nutritional details): $5.11. I suppose I could have waited til I got home, but I was also a bit under the weather, which made me weak and vulnerable. Since I’ve been on Weight Watcher’s, I’ve been pretty good about avoiding fast food outlets, which saves money in itself. WW, by the way, costs $39.95 a month. Necessary? Probably not, if I had more will power, but I imagine this falls into the same realm as therapy. Necessary for some, not for others.

Wednesday, Feb. 21:

Took the day off since my daughter was still on President’s Day/week/month break.
We spent most of the time visiting friend’s whose younger son was having his tonsils removed. I took my daughter and their older son out for lunch ($16.86) and a snack ($4.14), neither of which were “necessary,” but it was a nice thing to do.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wonder how Levine would have fared had she had kids to consider.

Thursday, Feb. 22:

The day isn’t over yet, but I thought I’d mention…

After my WW weigh-in this morning, I learned I gained 3 pounds since my last visit. Since I get a monthly pass, which saves a few bucks, I find I don’t go each week (I wonder if they count on that). I’m still down 13 pounds from when I started, but I’m about 6 pounds heavier than my best weight to date. Still have a ways to go to get down to my target, and with the warm weather setting in, which is moe conducive to exercise, I think its very doable.

Anyway, in an attempt to get back on track, I bought some WW products at the local supermarket (groceries are OK, even though I probably could have done without them): 2 yogurts, one box of muffins, almonds and sparkling water, for a total of $8.41.

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