NBI Days 16-19

Friday, Feb. 16: Nothing spent

Saturday, Feb. 17: $1.34 on cat food. Hey, the cats have to eat, too.

.60 library fine. I never feel bad about having to pay these. I figure it goes to a very worthy cause and whatever the fine, it’s still cheaper than buying the book.

$1.50 for a danish. Not a necessity, but once in a while don’t we deserve a little treat?

I actually got a small refund when I exchanged an extension cord for my digital tape recorder for the proper one. And I didn’t have to pay a late fee at the video store, so I saved a couple of bucks there, too.

Sunday, Feb. 18: Had to cover a high school basketball game so even though I spent money on tolls, it will be reimbursed.

In the evening we had dinner with our friends with whom we’ll be going on a cruise in late summer (now that’s certainly not a necessity). We ended up splitting take-out ($20). Unlike Levine, I have not told anyone of my “plan,” so it’s a bit awkward to just blurt it out.

Monday, Feb. 19:

$3.00 on two danish. Yeh, I know. but they’re very good danish.

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