NBI- Day 11

Grocery day. And groceries don’t really count, right? Like last week, I was pretty careful not to be impulsive (although I did buy three bagels of crunchy snacks. On the other hand, I didn”t buy cookies). Later in the day I went to the butcher, where I bought:

2 packages chicken breasts
1 3-pack of potatoe knishes
1 london broil
2 packages ground turkey
1 package “mingon steaks”

Totals: $42 and change, for a total grocery bill of $170 (the meat lasts for several weeks, so it can be “amortized.”)

However, I was a bit frivolous: on the way back I bought a sugar-free blueberry turnover ($1.25) and stopped at a fast food place (less than $3). It’s not even so much the money, as the activity, even though I know the food is not the best for me.


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