NBI –Day 10

My wife and daughter spent the night at grandma’s house (grandma lives in town, but my daughter thought it would be fun). I brought over bagels for breakfast. I’m sure there’s food around the house, so how far does (or should) “tradition” go in the NBI plan?

Bagels $6

I suppose it’s too much to believe when someone tells you, “it’s all right, don’t get me anything,” for a celebratory occasion. Valentine’s Day, for example. If would come across as the buggest curmudegon if I said that I thought giving flowers was silly becaus ethey die so quickly and cost so much. The price of a decent boquet could feed a family of four, yad, yada, yada. But would it be “practical” not to go the floral route? What do you think?

Valentine’s day gift – $35 (I bought the card last month)

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