NBI — Days 5 and 6

Nothing spent on Feb. 5.

On Tueday, Feb. 6, I had to put gas — a necessity — in the Scion, or as we call it, the toaster. I hit the empty mark on the way to work, and since I’m never sure exactly how much is left in the tank once the light comes on, and since it is so bloody cold, I figure it was time. For $19.75, I got just under 10 gallons of 87 octane (I told the attendant to keep the change. Big spender.)

Since I started working here at the NJ Jewish News two and a half years ago, I’ve toyed with the idea of biking, at least part way. Driving to some increasingly distant point and using pedal power the rest of the way. Of course the conditions have to be right: no rain, decent temperatures, and adequate lighting. The terrain is quite hilly in spots and I’m a bit uncomfortable about leaving the car unattended so far away. But it would save about six miles-worth of gas to start (out of a 32 mile round trip).

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