Time Begins

It’s opening day at last. Time for rabid fans of pitiful teams everywhere to delude themselves into believing they have a chance to play those “meaningful games” in September based on a 1-0 start.
Conversely, do we wring our hands when our favorites start off poorly? (The Mets Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Carlos Delgado and Cliff Floyd went a combined 0-15).

A few observations:

  • Jimmy Rollins, the Philadelphia Phillies outfielder, continued his hitting streak, moving one game closer to Joe DiMaggio’s 56. Rollins’ hit came on a 3-0 count with two outs in the eighth inning with his team down 13-5 to the St. Louis Cardinals. So are some of the pundits going to complain that Rollins was being selfish, as some did when Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against the Toronto Raptors in January?
  • Should we look at the scores of the Yankees (15-2 over Oakland), Cubs (16-7 over Cinncinati), Cards (13-5 over Philly), and Braves (11-10 over the Dodgers) and wonder if steroid testing is in order?
  • TV replays showed Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca dropped a ball on a play to the plate that resulted in an out instead of the tying run for the Nationals in the Mets 3-2 win. Aside from blaming the home plate umpire for being blocked out, I wonder what would have happened if Lo Duca, in a display of sportsmanship and honesty, would have admitted that he made a muff? Just sayin’.


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