“I don’t get your reference…”

This morning on WINS-AM in NY, a reporter used a reference to a character on Hogan’s Heroes, a semi-controversial TV comedy from the sixties about American POWs in WWII.
The WINS story, about a man who was jolted by an electric shock as he walked on a metal grate in Tribeca, stated that the electric company pulled a “Sgt. Schultz moment” when it claimed not to know anything about the situation.
Sgt. Schultz, played by John Banner (right, shown with Bob Crane in the title role), invoked his catchphrase “I see nothing!” whenever he encountered funny business going on in the POW’s barracks, effectively disassociating himself from any problem.
Question is: How many listening to the radio report wondered who the heck Sgt. Schultz was?
Similarly, unless you’re a devotee of South Park, you wouldn’t get the following cartoon:

Go look it up. Here’s a hint: “Kenny.”

Exclusionary elitist bastards.

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