Hey, look me over!

Joe Klamar/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Lindsey Jacobellis appears on a Visa commercial. Her “coach” is trying to psych her up, but nothing seems to work, until he tells her to pretend someone has just stolen her card. Perhaps that’s what her real coach should have told her. Perhaps then she would have made a b-line for the finish line instead of trying a show off move that cost her the gold medal in Snowboard Cross.
I had heard the news much earlier on Friday and was most curious to hear the commentators agonizing over her lack of common sense. Maybe she figured winning with the flourish would bring her extra fame and fortune. Now, for better or worse, sheprobablyy be even more famous for her lack of judgment. You can practically hear the late night talk show hosts now.
Ah, the indiscretion of youth.
The New York Times, no doubt, has a classier take on the situation. With a Final, Risky Flourish, Gold Turns to Silver

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