You better watch your A****

The Feb 16 Wall Street Journal reports that Amazon is planning a music service to rival iPod, to debut as early as this summer.

“[T]he world’s No. 1 online retailer, is in advanced talks with the four global music companies about a digital-music service with a range of features designed to set it apart. Among them: Amazon-branded portable music players, designed and built for the retailer, and a subscription service that would deeply discount and preload those devices with songs, not unlike mobile phones that are included with subscription plans as part of the deal.
“Music executives privately welcome Amazon’s plans, which they see as one of the only credible challenges to Apple’s hegemony in both digital music and portable players.

Is it time to rejoice? Will Amazon break the hold that iPod has held on too many of us for too long? More important, will the news now force Apple into treating its customers with a modicum of respect and service? Stay tuned.

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