Vox populi?

MediaBistro.com‘s Daily Media News Feed, a e-newsletter type thing, is a fun and educational means of finding out what’s happening in the industry. They do the browsing so you won’t have to and usually come up with a combination of business-oriented stuff and other items that are more thought-provoking from a pop culture point of view.

Case in point: today’s issue carries Tom Shale’s Washington Post column on why American Idol is such a hit.

I get my fill of AI walking back and forth to the living room while my family watches. Not one of my favorites, but, especially early in the season, when the hopefuls, talented and un-, face the hurtful. I remember Paula Abdul from MTV a number of years ago, but who are these other guys? Do they have any other claim to fame besides sitting in judgment on this show? Perhaps the British guy was a star in his native land, but who’s the other one?

I find watching these early cattle calls like passing a car wreck on the highway. It’s hard to turn away no matter how bad it is. Some of the performers know they’re borderline or just below and I give them a lot of credit for giving their dream a shot. But as for others, tone deaf and socially incompetent, who told them over the course of their childhood and beyond that they have any talent? What a disservice, despite all good intentions.

Still, fame (and infamy) is fame. Just ask bloggers.

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